Winnipeg SEO & Digital Marketing Expert Moves Home After 10 Years to Grow Business & Be Closer to Loved Ones

Daniel Moscovitch, who was featured in last month’s Globe & Mail’s article,  has recently moved back to Winnipeg after a decade away. Moscovitch spent the better part of the past 10 years living between Tel Aviv & Vancouver, but decided that Winnipeg was where he inevitably wanted to call home.

daniel moscovitch winnipeg seo digital marketing expert
Daniel Moscovitch, originally from Winnipeg has recently returned after living in Vancouver for several years, Sept. 28, 2018. Photo by: LYLE STAFFORD

The Globe article said that one of the reasons (outside of affordability) was to be able to grow his local Winnipeg SEO & digital marketing business.

We reached out to Moscovitch, CEO of More Hot Leads, to see exactly why he felt Winnipeg was a good market to scale his marketing agency. Below is a summarized version of our interview.

WM: The article in the Globe was predominantly about the affordability factor, but you also mentioned that you thought Winnipeg was a good market for your business. Why is that?

DM: Well after living in Tel Aviv & Vancouver, I was surrounded by some of the world’s top tech companies & start-up cultures. But these businesses are not the types of companies I am looking to help. I prefer to work with established businesses with either a local or national market that are looking to increase their revenue by leveraging the power of the internet. A lot of start ups need a miracle and don’t have the budgets to really invest in marketing that will get results or the time to have the patience it takes to get results. I also feel that the cost of operating businesses in Tel Aviv and Vancouver were so much higher compared to Winnipeg, that businesses have more left over capital to invest in marketing.

WM: That’s Interesting. I have never thought about that before. Most people feel that because all of the money is in Vancouver & Toronto, that these are the best markets for businesses, but I guess that isn’t always the case. What else have you noticed about Winnipeg businesses?

DM: I love how there are so many established manufacturing & trades companies here. We especially love working with these types of businesses because they have been around for so long, have great reputations and often have the budgets and desire to invest in online marketing. However, I have also noticed the “comfortable with enough” mentality in Winnipeg. Business owners are content with how things are currently, even though they know things could get busier and that they could grow more if they invested more in their marketing. This is kind of contradictory of the hustle mentality I was used to in Tel Aviv and Vancouver, but I am getting used to it.

WM: I am sure that there are still plenty of businesses here in Winnipeg that are interested in your services though. And speaking of those, what services do you guys offer?

DM: Oh absolutely. With our business, we don’t need to take on thousands of clients, in fact we prefer to keep it small so that our results and service levels don’t suffer as a result. So we have found a handful of local businesses already who understand the value of investing in their digital marketing and are seeing huge ROI from it as well. In terms of our services, we started out offering SEO (so getting our clients to the top of Google searches), but have since become well versed in targeted ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Bing. It is a no brainer that today a business needs to be visible online whether on top of a Google search or a sponsored newsfeed post. This is where consumers and business owners a like are, and this is how to grow a business for the long-term in 2018.

WM: Awesome! Anything else you want to add or perhaps give a shout-out to some of your clients?

DM: One of the best things about being back in Winnipeg is that I get to spend time with my girlfriend and family. In fact, I am helping my brother and my dad (Steven Moscovitch), both launch online courses to bring in some passive side income, so I am very excited about that. I am playing hockey twice a week and am saving enough money to be able to travel a few times a year and stay active, so no complaints.

WM: That’s great! How can people get in touch with you if they are interested in your services?

DM: If anyone is interested in working with us, they can email me at or fill out our discovery form in order to book a strategy call with me.

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