The Largest Enterprise Software Companies Named

Enterprise software companies are software companies that put out solutions for use in different organizations – like schools, business, government agencies, etc. – rather than individual users. Some of the most well-known enterprise software companies in the world include Microsoft and Oracle. But these are the ones that have been getting a lot of media coverage for many years. There are other big names in the industry, and you will see a short list below.

According to Forbes magazine, the top companies aside from Microsoft and Oracle are SAP, VMWare, Adobe Systems, HCL technologies, Fiserv, Salesforce, Symantec, and Amadeus. Individually, they have holdings totaling billions and billions of dollars. But what type of software do they provide specifically?

Because there are different aspects of running an organization, you will find that, if you would only do a little research, each of these companies offers- different types of software. While it’s obvious that Microsoft offers enterprise-level solutions for building an IT network, and Oracle provides, for the most part, hardware composed of B2B business servers and storage, the other IT companies provide different types of products that are equally important.

There are those that provide Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software which can be customized to create customer relationship management software. Then there are those that provide software geared towards gathering business intelligence. And of course, there are companies that provide business-oriented tools for online payment processing and online shopping. Basically, where there is a need for automation, you will find that one or several of these companies offer one type of solution or another.

But all these software and hardware combined to form what is called enterprise software. One of the most distinctive features of an enterprise software is that it solves an organization-wide problem, not just the problem of one department. Another feature is that it can be customized to fit the needs of an organization, as in the case of ERP software.

To paraphrase the words of Martin Fowler, software developer and speaker on software development, enterprise applications are all about displaying, manipulating and storing large amounts of complex data to support or automate a business process.

Without enterprise software, it would be impossible for any business or organization to thrive in this world where practically everyone has access to the Internet, either through their laptops or smartphones. In most cases, though, it is both.

If you are about to set up an organization, the first thing you need to do is to hire an IT consultant. An IT consultant is a trained and experienced professional who will take a look at your business organization and determine what software and systems are needed to make the business run smoothly.

There are many IT consultants out there and you can easily find them by doing a search on Google for “IT consultant” plus the name of your local area. When it comes to the actual hiring, make sure to find someone who has connections to authorized dealers and sellers of the different software and hardware so you can get them at the best possible price.

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