It is quite common to find yourself in need of an HVAC or plumbing contractor. It could be that you want to install an ac, a water heater system or even a furnace. You could have a clogged drain, sewage leak or other plumbing damage. You could also be looking for maintenance services or repairs for these items. However, it is becoming harder and harder these days to find a reputable HVAC contractor that you can trust, who will do the job right, without trying to rip you off with any hidden fees or upsells that you don’t need. That is why we are proud to recommend, our favourite local Winnipeg HVAC & plumbing contractor, Dallas Friesen of Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg – Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain.

Dallas Friesen is the best choice for your HVAC and plumbing needs. He is the owner of Lynn’s HVAC in Winnipeg. This is a company that he has ensured puts the customer first. All the clients are the number one priority and the work they have hired the company to perform will always be done professionally.

The main reasons Dallas Friesen is the top HVAC contractor in the Peg:
He is young, which means that he actively looks for new clients with whom he hopes will be able to build long-term relationships with.
He is also extremely ambitious. That is why he is willing to do all that is possible to ensure that all customers get what they pay for.
He is also a hard-working CEO with a vision for the future. This means that the customers can trust that all the employees in the company are not only certified and well-trained, but also understand how to be respectful to clients.
He is great with people and has excellent customer service values. Dallas is very attuned to what the client needs and will not aggressively push or sell them anything that they do not need.
Finally, Dallas and his whole team are well-versed in matters of HVAC and plumbing. As the CEO, Dallas Friesen has ensured that there is no part of the job that the staff are not knowledgeable about. This is what guarantees the best results with the customers.

Dallas Friesen understands that the customers are investing in the best equipment and service quality, which is why all the prices are reflective of the quality of the job. All prices are expressed to the client before the project starts. This is to prevent any misunderstandings or hidden costs when the job is done. All customers interested in hiring this company can inquire about the prices or the factors that may change the price without hesitation or pushback. There is a value of transparency and fair expectations are laid out from the get-go.

winnipeg heating and coolingIn addition to these qualities, Dallas has a great reputation among his clients. They have complete trust in the fact that he will be able to do what they have hired him for. Dallas believes in the fact that the clients should get what they pay for. The standards that the client expects is what they get. This is why most people who have had HVAC or plumbing installation done by this company, opt to hire them for maintenance as well for years to come.

You can trust that Lynn’s HVAC will be able to do all that you need because you can trust the man in charge. There will be no need to worry about repairs that come too soon after installation or poor quality of services.

To hire Dallas & his team to help with your Winnipeg HVAC needs, check out their contact info below or look for their pink and blue trucks around the city!

Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg: Heating Cooling Sewer & Drain
Unit 7B – 885 Redonda St
Winnipeg, MB R2C 2Z2

Call Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg today for your 24/7 emergency HVAC & Plumbing needs in Manitoba.

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