Business Man of the Month – Dr. Ali Esmail Of The Visage Cosmetic Clinic in Winnipeg

Dr. Ali Esmail is a plastic surgeon at the Visage Cosmetic Clinic. He is one of the top surgeons in the area. If you’re looking to receive plastic surgery, then he is the one you want to see. Let’s go into more details about the doctor, that way you can learn more about him before booking an appointment.


The doctor was educated at the University of Manitoba, where he studied medicine. It was there he took an interest in head and neck surgery, also known as Otolaryngology. It was at the University of Manitoba where he completed a five-year residency in the field.

During his last year at the University of Manitoba, he was elected to serve as the department’s chief resident. Not only did he study there, but he also went onto study at the University of Waterloo, where he participated in a tech-based MBA.

Specialty And Training

Dr. Ali Esmail has received extensive training and has a lot of experience in the field. After he completed his residency, the Glasgold Group accepted him to a fellowship program, which focused on facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. While he was doing his fellowship, he served as a staff surgeon at the Robert-Wood Johnson University Hospital, in their Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery program.

One of the reasons he is highly skilled is because Dr. Mark Glasgold was his mentor, and Dr. Glasgold is one of the most sought-after facelift surgeons around. It was under his mentorship that he learned how to perform a range of procedures, such as lipo-transfer and a deep plane facelift to name a few. Besides that, he trained extensively in rhinoplasty and he participated in over 200 cosmetic procedures.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, he saw thousands and thousands of patients for Botox treatments, as well as for injectable fillers. All of the treatments were administered by a physician. This is not the case with a lot of current practices.

He spent a good portion of his time training in hair restoration surgery. He conducted his training in Miami, working alongside Dr. Jeff Epstien, who is considered to be one of the best hair restoration surgeons in the worlds. Dr. Ali Esmail learnt a lot about the different techniques to restore hair.

Other Info

The doctor is currently board certified by the RCPSC, short for Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada. He is also a clinical lecturer at the University of Mantoba. Besides that, he has operating privileges at a number of hospitals, including St. Boniface, HSC and the Victoria and Childrens’ hospitals, all of which are located in Winnipeg.

As you can see, Dr. Ali Esmail is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience. If you need surgery, then you should book an appointment with him. All you have to do is contact the Visage Cosmetic Clinic and schedule a consultation, or you can ask them any questions you may have about the procedures that Dr. Ali Esmail offers.

Dallas Friesen – One of the Best HVAC And Plumbing Contractors in Winnipeg

It is quite common to find yourself in need of an HVAC or plumbing contractor. It could be that you want to install an ac, a water heater system or even a furnace. You could have a clogged drain, sewage leak or other plumbing damage. You could also be looking for maintenance services or repairs for these items. However, it is becoming harder and harder these days to find a reputable HVAC contractor that you can trust, who will do the job right, without trying to rip you off with any hidden fees or upsells that you don’t need. That is why we are proud to recommend, our favourite local Winnipeg HVAC & plumbing contractor, Dallas Friesen of Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg – Heating, Cooling, Sewer & Drain.

Dallas Friesen is the best choice for your HVAC and plumbing needs. He is the owner of Lynn’s HVAC in Winnipeg. This is a company that he has ensured puts the customer first. All the clients are the number one priority and the work they have hired the company to perform will always be done professionally.

The main reasons Dallas Friesen is the top HVAC contractor in the Peg:
He is young, which means that he actively looks for new clients with whom he hopes will be able to build long-term relationships with.
He is also extremely ambitious. That is why he is willing to do all that is possible to ensure that all customers get what they pay for.
He is also a hard-working CEO with a vision for the future. This means that the customers can trust that all the employees in the company are not only certified and well-trained, but also understand how to be respectful to clients.
He is great with people and has excellent customer service values. Dallas is very attuned to what the client needs and will not aggressively push or sell them anything that they do not need.
Finally, Dallas and his whole team are well-versed in matters of HVAC and plumbing. As the CEO, Dallas Friesen has ensured that there is no part of the job that the staff are not knowledgeable about. This is what guarantees the best results with the customers.

Dallas Friesen understands that the customers are investing in the best equipment and service quality, which is why all the prices are reflective of the quality of the job. All prices are expressed to the client before the project starts. This is to prevent any misunderstandings or hidden costs when the job is done. All customers interested in hiring this company can inquire about the prices or the factors that may change the price without hesitation or pushback. There is a value of transparency and fair expectations are laid out from the get-go.

winnipeg heating and coolingIn addition to these qualities, Dallas has a great reputation among his clients. They have complete trust in the fact that he will be able to do what they have hired him for. Dallas believes in the fact that the clients should get what they pay for. The standards that the client expects is what they get. This is why most people who have had HVAC or plumbing installation done by this company, opt to hire them for maintenance as well for years to come.

You can trust that Lynn’s HVAC will be able to do all that you need because you can trust the man in charge. There will be no need to worry about repairs that come too soon after installation or poor quality of services.

To hire Dallas & his team to help with your Winnipeg HVAC needs, check out their contact info below or look for their pink and blue trucks around the city!

Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg: Heating Cooling Sewer & Drain
Unit 7B – 885 Redonda St
Winnipeg, MB R2C 2Z2

Call Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg today for your 24/7 emergency HVAC & Plumbing needs in Manitoba.

Winnipeg SEO & Digital Marketing Expert Moves Home After 10 Years to Grow Business & Be Closer to Loved Ones

Daniel Moscovitch, who was featured in last month’s Globe & Mail’s article,  has recently moved back to Winnipeg after a decade away. Moscovitch spent the better part of the past 10 years living between Tel Aviv & Vancouver, but decided that Winnipeg was where he inevitably wanted to call home.

daniel moscovitch winnipeg seo digital marketing expert
Daniel Moscovitch, originally from Winnipeg has recently returned after living in Vancouver for several years, Sept. 28, 2018. Photo by: LYLE STAFFORD

The Globe article said that one of the reasons (outside of affordability) was to be able to grow his local Winnipeg SEO & digital marketing business.

We reached out to Moscovitch, CEO of More Hot Leads, to see exactly why he felt Winnipeg was a good market to scale his marketing agency. Below is a summarized version of our interview.

WM: The article in the Globe was predominantly about the affordability factor, but you also mentioned that you thought Winnipeg was a good market for your business. Why is that?

DM: Well after living in Tel Aviv & Vancouver, I was surrounded by some of the world’s top tech companies & start-up cultures. But these businesses are not the types of companies I am looking to help. I prefer to work with established businesses with either a local or national market that are looking to increase their revenue by leveraging the power of the internet. A lot of start ups need a miracle and don’t have the budgets to really invest in marketing that will get results or the time to have the patience it takes to get results. I also feel that the cost of operating businesses in Tel Aviv and Vancouver were so much higher compared to Winnipeg, that businesses have more left over capital to invest in marketing.

WM: That’s Interesting. I have never thought about that before. Most people feel that because all of the money is in Vancouver & Toronto, that these are the best markets for businesses, but I guess that isn’t always the case. What else have you noticed about Winnipeg businesses?

DM: I love how there are so many established manufacturing & trades companies here. We especially love working with these types of businesses because they have been around for so long, have great reputations and often have the budgets and desire to invest in online marketing. However, I have also noticed the “comfortable with enough” mentality in Winnipeg. Business owners are content with how things are currently, even though they know things could get busier and that they could grow more if they invested more in their marketing. This is kind of contradictory of the hustle mentality I was used to in Tel Aviv and Vancouver, but I am getting used to it.

WM: I am sure that there are still plenty of businesses here in Winnipeg that are interested in your services though. And speaking of those, what services do you guys offer?

DM: Oh absolutely. With our business, we don’t need to take on thousands of clients, in fact we prefer to keep it small so that our results and service levels don’t suffer as a result. So we have found a handful of local businesses already who understand the value of investing in their digital marketing and are seeing huge ROI from it as well. In terms of our services, we started out offering SEO (so getting our clients to the top of Google searches), but have since become well versed in targeted ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Bing. It is a no brainer that today a business needs to be visible online whether on top of a Google search or a sponsored newsfeed post. This is where consumers and business owners a like are, and this is how to grow a business for the long-term in 2018.

WM: Awesome! Anything else you want to add or perhaps give a shout-out to some of your clients?

DM: One of the best things about being back in Winnipeg is that I get to spend time with my girlfriend and family. In fact, I am helping my brother and my dad (Steven Moscovitch), both launch online courses to bring in some passive side income, so I am very excited about that. I am playing hockey twice a week and am saving enough money to be able to travel a few times a year and stay active, so no complaints.

WM: That’s great! How can people get in touch with you if they are interested in your services?

DM: If anyone is interested in working with us, they can email me at or fill out our discovery form in order to book a strategy call with me.

Physiotherapy Advice for Summer Yard Work Injuries

We reached out to one of our favourite local Winnipeg physiotherapists, Dan Girardin of Prairie Trail Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic and asked him what tips he could give us for treating and preventing back injuries caused by yard work. Sure enough he had just written a post on exactly that topic for the PT Physio blog.

So here it is:

(Original Post found here)

Summer is here and with it comes the joys of planting gardens and tending to your yard. Many people will find themselves dealing with back and hip, or neck and shoulder pain as they putter around their green space. This is usually due to an increase in activity that has not been performed for some time; things like raking, shoveling dirt, or spending time in a bent over position picking pesky dandelions.
The pain is often a result of a simple mechanical imbalance in the way you move throughout your day. Doing repeated movements when there is a mechanical imbalance, can lead to some muscles and/or joints becoming overused, which may lead to pain and injury. Often, the painful area may be the victim, whereas other parts of your body which are pain free are the truly dysfunctional tissues. For example one area of your body, such as your mid back (thoracic spine), lacks mobility and to continue doing the work you want to do, another area, such as your low back (lumbar spine), moves more and works harder to compensate for that lack of mobility. The joint and or muscle which is working harder (lumbar spine) may become irritated and injured.
Performing a thorough assessment, a physiotherapist can help determine which structures are causing the imbalance and which are causing the pain. The assessment will guide the treatment techniques used, which may include manual therapy, exercise and education to help correct the imbalance. You then will be provided a simple home exercise program to get you back in your yard working pain free!

Best Male Business Leaders In Winnipeg

The business world is full of talent and some of the brightest minds are located in Winnipeg.

With years of expertise and the ability to understand what business is all about, the men listed in this reading illustrate what it takes to do a good job. Here are the top business leaders in Winnipeg and what they have to offer.

1) Hartley Richardson (CEO of James Richardson and Sons)
With a staggering influence in the local oil industry, Hartley Richardson has become known for his bright ideas and unique relationship with Manitoba. He has continued to be a positive influence in the community while developing a multimillion-dollar business.

He has not only helped with the oil development in Winnipeg but also added to the value of Manitoba by investing millions into new community projects.

2) Paul Soubry (CEO of New Flyer Industries)
CEO of one of the largest bus companies in North America, Paul Soubry has become renowned for his excellent work in Winnipeg. He was able to take a run-of-the-mill company and turn it around in a matter of years.

This hard work has earned him a lot of respect in the industry and in Winnipeg.

Paul Soubry has also been active in the local community and is appreciated for his efforts to improve local regions. This is an extension of his desire to put in the hard work and make sure a positive image is portrayed of Winnipeg.

3) Lloyd Axworthy (President at University of Winnipeg)
Education has become an important part of society and the same applies to Winnipeg. The University of Winnipeg is where Lloyd Axworthy has done his hard work. The university is now one of the most appreciated institutions in the nation.

His business acumen and desire to improve the lives of others has always resonated with the locals.

These are the top male business leaders in Winnipeg and each one has a unique story. This is what makes them special.

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Finding The Top Father’s Day Deals In Winnipeg

Are you looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? If you’re hoping to give a great gift, you may want to look at Father’s Day deals. If you’re able to buy a gift that’s on sale, you’ll be able to get a great gift for a lot less. Here’s how you can find the best deals in the Winnipeg area.

Sign Up For Mailing Lists
If you’re not on the mailing list for your favorite stores in the Winnipeg area, now is the time to add your information. If you’re on the right mailing lists, you’ll be notified about any and all deals that are going on. If you do find a great deal, you’ll be able to take full advantage of it.

Pay Attention To Social Media
Keep a watchful eye on social media in the days leading up to Father’s Day. As Father’s Day draws closer, you’ll see advertisements and promotions for a number of deals. You’ll see more deals if you’re following local retailers; see what your favorite stores are sharing on their social media accounts right now.

Head Out To Shopping Centers
If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you may want to find a lot of deals in one place. Winnipeg is home to a number of shopping centers, including Kildonan Place and Grant Park Shopping Centre. If you spend the weekend before Father’s Day at one of these shopping centers, you’ll be able to browse a number of stores, which means you’ll be able to come across a lot of excellent deals.

Now that you know how to find the top Father’s Day deals in Winnipeg, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect Father’s Day gift. You’ll be able to find an amazing present even if you’re working on a tight budget.

The Largest Enterprise Software Companies Named

Enterprise software companies are software companies that put out solutions for use in different organizations – like schools, business, government agencies, etc. – rather than individual users. Some of the most well-known enterprise software companies in the world include Microsoft and Oracle. But these are the ones that have been getting a lot of media coverage for many years. There are other big names in the industry, and you will see a short list below.

According to Forbes magazine, the top companies aside from Microsoft and Oracle are SAP, VMWare, Adobe Systems, HCL technologies, Fiserv, Salesforce, Symantec, and Amadeus. Individually, they have holdings totaling billions and billions of dollars. But what type of software do they provide specifically?

Because there are different aspects of running an organization, you will find that, if you would only do a little research, each of these companies offers- different types of software. While it’s obvious that Microsoft offers enterprise-level solutions for building an IT network, and Oracle provides, for the most part, hardware composed of B2B business servers and storage, the other IT companies provide different types of products that are equally important.

There are those that provide Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software which can be customized to create customer relationship management software. Then there are those that provide software geared towards gathering business intelligence. And of course, there are companies that provide business-oriented tools for online payment processing and online shopping. Basically, where there is a need for automation, you will find that one or several of these companies offer one type of solution or another.

But all these software and hardware combined to form what is called enterprise software. One of the most distinctive features of an enterprise software is that it solves an organization-wide problem, not just the problem of one department. Another feature is that it can be customized to fit the needs of an organization, as in the case of ERP software.

To paraphrase the words of Martin Fowler, software developer and speaker on software development, enterprise applications are all about displaying, manipulating and storing large amounts of complex data to support or automate a business process.

Without enterprise software, it would be impossible for any business or organization to thrive in this world where practically everyone has access to the Internet, either through their laptops or smartphones. In most cases, though, it is both.

If you are about to set up an organization, the first thing you need to do is to hire an IT consultant. An IT consultant is a trained and experienced professional who will take a look at your business organization and determine what software and systems are needed to make the business run smoothly.

There are many IT consultants out there and you can easily find them by doing a search on Google for “IT consultant” plus the name of your local area. When it comes to the actual hiring, make sure to find someone who has connections to authorized dealers and sellers of the different software and hardware so you can get them at the best possible price.